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#86737 Posted at 2010-07-25 14:16        
BIS want money for some new camo and vehicles, what addon makers can give us free? BIS should get the bugs out of the game, not waiting for us to take care of them, and they want money for it? F*ck you BIS!!!! I wanted to buy OA but i wont. I dont got money for hundred of dlc's!!!! Dont sell the game when it half ready!!!!! I can download UKF forces for free for ArmA II, not for 9 EUR! Sh*T!! Codemasters were right when they kicked BIS out.... So right............. They can't make a game what dont got million of bugs, but they want money for dlcs. Nice. I think i better buy OFP DR. D*mn BIS i DISSAPOINTED IN you SO BIG!!!!!

I love the OFP and ArmA series, only games what i have bought so far, but I can't pay 10 EURs for 7 weapon, 2 car and 2 heli, waht addon makers can give us free. This is a very bad idea, BIS will lose lot of fans whit this move. (they dont got too many so they should whatch for it) This is a VERY BAD idea from the BIS. In the end they will like activision with the cod series, but acti got a lot more buyer:X

(sorry for the bad english)

ACE 2 is free too however ACE is much more complicated than some new camo and wepons.

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