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#86740 Posted at 2010-07-25 14:27        
Yay another spoilt brat crying because of 10 bucks.

BIS should get the bugs out of the game, not waiting for us to take care of them, and they want money for it? F*ck you BIS!!!!
Aha. And what do you think is included in the beta patches released at least once a week?

I wanted to buy OA but i wont. I dont got money for hundred of dlc's!!!! Dont sell the game when it half ready!!!!!
So you don't have OA but you know they sell it half ready. And who said there will be "hundreds of DLC".

The rest I won't even comment because it's just too stupid and a waste of my time.

Please do us all a favor and don't buy OA. Move on to some other game where everything is for free and has no bugs. Please!
Go and buy DR as you said, the support for it is superior I heard. Oh and btw, your DR had DLC too - before they stopped supporting it.

We have a saying here: If you have no idea what you are talking about: Shut the f*** off.

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