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#86741 Posted at 2010-07-25 14:37        
I got Arma and Arma 2, OFP series, so i know they give out the game half ready. This is a fact. The big problem is, that if the BIS will taste the money they will give out Unit, Weapon, etc addons for money, and won't give support for the modders. Like the cod series. The fanboys were mad when someone said this thing, and look at the cod now. I were angry when i wrote this comment so.... Patches. If they make the game and the patches sooooooooo great we dont need for ACE 2, BDMultigunfix, AI Dispersion etc etc..... They can't even made the AI players drive without crashing every house. Yeah, Arma is a very complicated and GOOD game, but they better take care about the game, not the (i think) expensive Addons, what is called DLC.

So Calm Down Man.:D

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