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#86971 Posted at 2010-07-28 16:23        
I don't know if you've all already seen this or not, but wikileaks has posted over 90,000 documents from the Afghanistan war. Literally thousands of after action reports have been posted.

Seeing this, I can't help but think there is an opportunity here. These are ideal mission layouts. They are an insight into the war. They are hundreds of tiny dramas made available to us.

I hope to see as many as possible converted into missions for Operation Arrowhead. I've started the ball rolling, with a mission that should be up on Armaholic soon and can (hopefully) be downloaded here in the meantime.

This mission is based on a real report from Afghanistan in 2006. US forces successfully engaged and killed fourteen enemy men using small arms and mortar fire. The contents can be found online here. It is part of a larger conversion of the Afghan War Diary into ArmaII.

My project is based on the idea that videogames can be a part of our cultural understanding of war. As a journalist, I believe a true story is infinitely more valuable than a fictional one. I would like to see these small stories of Afghanistan translated into a more relatable and human medium than just the textual contents of each report

The reports of the Afghan War Diary are a wealth of information, offering insight beyond what we can see and hear on the nightly news. They are a record of the war unlike any other, and I believe they should be made available in as many forms as possible. Like films, music, and novels before, a simulator like Operation Arrowhead can be part of the cultural landscape and contribute to how we process the war that so many western nations have been embroiled in.

This project is not meant to trivialize, nor does it support camps for or against the war. It is merely trying to be an interpretation of what happened.

I am curious to know who else would be interested in developing missions built around these reports. There are a few that come to mind as being worth the translation.