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#87017 Posted at 2010-07-29 04:07        
bout to try it out now, but seems very good, please i hope you continue to create more missions based on RL! like you said in your post it gives arma2\OA a more real feel so to speak, same as how i try to make my base's\fob templates are realistic as possible using my rl military knowlage and farther more that of actual ref pics and accounts from buddys of mine who have severed\severing in the military and many of whom severed on and build real FOB's in what im saying my templates(many not released) it makes arma2 enjoyable and fun playing...btw not saying other's templates and missions aint good or i admire\use, and base my stuff off others too..and would only dream of working with the other great makers of said base's\missions!

btw i was CSAR in RL...anyway to make some missions based off CSAR stuff(would also go great with my hopfuly soon to be finshed CSAR units(not just JP's either..but the whole shibang))..not just what ppl searching for downed pilots, but like in RL many times going in and getting anyone who needs help..civys too maby some "after" I.E.D. attacks, where we fly in to secure the area and evec ppl out(while workign with other branches of the armed forces..even that of other nations), could be alot more interesting then i made it sound most senarios like that are not accidental, but set up ambushes since insurgents and what not play off our western antics..e.i. leave no man behind type stuff!


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