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#87024 Posted at 2010-07-29 06:27        
# DevilDog : Since the engine streams everything via the HDD, a SSD will indeed make a world of difference.

Previous - C2D 9800, 8G RAM, and a GTX 260.

Current - i7-980 Extreme, 6G RAM, and a GTX 480.

I saw little to no improvement whatsoever after switching systems, even ran benchmarks to see if there were any drastic performance differences. There weren't. Minimal at least. After installing ArmA II and OA on my SSD, my FPS shot up to a stable 40-60, and that is with almost all options set to very high, with a 200% texture resolution.

Actually, quite a fallacy. You ever consider you were running all that shiny new stuff on a 7200rpm drive devildog? You could of added it to your old hardware and there wouldn't of been a considerate performance boost. It was a combination, of new hardware plus the ssd, being whatever you had prior to the ssd was capping your performance. Here is an equation for you. I have a phenom II BE @ factory 3.1 ghz, 9800gt, 4gb ram, and typical 7200 WD hard drive. Almost the same exact system Thoma111 has, difference being his gpu is one step up from mine, and his cpu is one step below mine (aside from the lack of L3 cache on athlon II). I installed two 10k raptor drives in raid for the OS, Arma 2, and OA alone. No considerate difference in performance...only minor. So you are misleading this kid by telling him that an ssd will give him the boost he needs. Ssd are new technology, meaning an above average failure rating, and overpriced. They do have lower RAT than raptor or velociraptor drives, but when 2 (10k sata) are in raid they are comparable on certain levels.

Honestly Thoma111, your cpu is the issue. Arma can run ok on 7200rpm drives, and as stated above, a ssd will typically only help with the LOD issues. If you had a quad core with decent L3 cache (which helps tremendously in heavily resourced games), you would notice a difference. My rig runs the game fine, but not great. I'm not one of those people with the "gotta be the first kid on the block with the new huffy syndrome" (yeah, I said it...huffy). Some people have cash to waste, but it always looks demeaning on their part when they complain 6 months down the road because it's way cheaper. Hardly a price to pay for short lived bragging rights. It's just a lack of being a knowledgeable and smart consumer. So shop around, and decide what you can spend, then go from there. There is no reason to spend irrational amounts of money just for a game. Trust me....arma will be around for years. This game has probably one of the most loyal followings, and I don't see that changing in the near future. There is a bond here between gamers and devs that you don't find in many games, making it priceless in it's own sense.

P.S. There are other things you can try to boost performance; defrag your drive, apps like gamebooster, tweaking your hardware, messing with your gpu's control panel, editing ini files. Check the forums, as tools are there, you just have to open the box. Good luck