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#88514 Posted at 2010-08-17 22:27        
# Razorback : Another lurking mission maker interested in contributing to the Afghan War Diaries here.I've been creating missions since OFP and historically accurate missions are what I specialize in.I've checked out the wikileaks reports and have started a mission for TF Bushmaster.Does anybody know if it's possible to find a map of the AO's with the grid references?Also if anyone is interested I'm working on a US Base template for the Takistan map.So far it has an Airbase,Firebase,4 FOB's,3 OP's,and 1 FARP.Anyone interested in using it let me know.Great job on the missions created so far,looking foward to seeing more of these missions released.


you mean the Actual AO's in Afghanistan right, or are you talking about a map of Takistan lol? sorry im kinda a bit off today lol! but yeah like you i like making realistic missions and will hopefully have some Afghan War Diaries missions ready soon, and i too love making bases\fob templates i got a few in the works too..and i use my real life experainces and that of my buddys to help aswell, but could probly still use your help cause i'll be damned if i dont get too caught up on one lil thing\error and try for days to get a solution thats both relistic and fits in for arma... and thats why half the templates i make have never seen the light of day(plus i got tons that just need to be looked at by eyes other then i try to be so damn perfect and it makes me sick, and i give up on them lol)! but very much looking forward to using yours(if you dont mind), as it gives me a different look and opens new idea's in which we all can build on!

p.s. im trying to look online now for a map with the AO's in it! will hit you back asap if i get anything!

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