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#88533 Posted at 2010-08-18 06:14        
# Razorback : soldier2390,ya I was looking for an actual map of Helmand with the military grid references.But that MGRS converter might be all I need,thank you Pheonix.You sound like me soldier2390,I've been known to spend 15 minutes placing a hesco barrier lol.PM me with your email and i'll get that template out to you.If you have any ideas for it let me know.Who knows,with what you have created and I have created we could have a really cool base template in the works.

If you have Xfire I can send it to ya through there too,my Xfire name is mouth4war


hey bro no problem sounds like fun my E-Mail is , i have xfire but i forgot what my info is lol! and yeah 15min on one single Hesco Barrier...sounds like me too lol! and ill tryto get mine fixed up enough to send to you!

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