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#88636 Posted at 2010-08-20 05:19        
recently I have been working on some modern army men.
WIP pic.

Q. Why are you making this? OA has nice US ARMY MEN!
A. Why not? :-D I want some men with IBA's and bulky loadouts. What about you?

Q. What addons will this require?
A. Hopefully no more than 1 weapon pack. I will try to put all weapons inside my pack , but still not sure.

Q. what game will this require?
A. least of my worries. first release will be requiring Arma 2 + OA (CO) and then the last one will just require OA. I use backpacks, and certain oa classes / textures.

There will be replacement configs , and ACE configs (i have animalmother on standby for those)

will post more next week.

nice and clean...