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#896 Posted at 2006-11-25 21:00        
Personal information:
I am from the Netherlands, 30 years old.
I have my own company in custom furniture.
I live in the center of Holland.

Played Ghost recon almost from the day it was released, it was the only game I did play, every night.
In 2003 I joined *El nino* as a co-op player although most of them were playing team games.
In the next months/years we got ourselves a great co-op squad, we actually joined in some co-op tournaments, we won one and finished most in the top.
Than I found VBS1, played that from 2004 slowely quiting GR. While playing VBS1 I dicovered ArmA, and thats why I am here now.
Like Big I too hope with ArmA we can again get into playing some great missions together.

Doing here:
Try to keep up with all Armed Assault info, we hope to be a great place for ArmA resources in the future, we aim to be as big and known as our Ghost recon site

Other basic info:
Hmmm what you wanna know?

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