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#91896 Posted at 2010-10-11 20:58        
# jsanders : ON TOPIC: Are these units going to have any type of patches included on them?

OFF TOPIC: Do they sell those IOTV's in surplus stores? I collect military uniforms, and I think that would go great. Also, I just now noticed that your name is Devil Dog, yet you're in the Army, and I'm really confused, LOL.

You won't find the IOTV in any surplus store. The IBA yes, however, they're all going to have the armor ripped out.

FYI - My screen name is DevilDog because I'm a prior service Marine currently serving in the Army.

Added 18 minutes later:

Just FYI, they aren't shingles, I simply have the pouch cover tucked it. I've always done that. The only issue with posting other pouches is that 90% of the gear on my IOTV I purchased myself. This is the norm for most soldiers. The only thing that was issued is the IFAK, I also included a photo of it.


Added 22 minutes later:

I know it can be a pain in the ass to attempt to recreate gear without seeing it on someone. Here are some photos of me and my squad while on mission. Also, feel free to look through the rest of my album for anything you might be able to use.

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