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#92134 Posted at 2010-10-15 05:15        
# axffox : Most tops will be tucked in , although there will be some without.

I can add patches, I don't have a problem. I love having them in, it's just another detail to add. And imo it makes it more personal, and less generic .. (duh).

I'm in the process of making that utility pouch right now , hopefully i should have it in game by tonight.

Added 1 hour 30 minutes later:

sorry about the double post..

anywho.. pretty much done. Zipper needs to be not all around ... I got your nasty looking fc flag in too heh..

it has to be higher up due to the game animations , sadly. gona do the IFAK and fix up my saw pouches ...

Looking better and better, mate. If I could provide a bit of advice...? You might wanna contact Cameron McDonald on the BI forums who did the 1st ID addon. He will prob lend you his ACH model.

The flag actually has a story. It's the typical cloth flag on our uniforms while in garrison, however, I kept it there not only because it was in tri-color, but because it has my squad leaders blood on it. I've just recently had it framed and all.

Well then, if I've convinced you to actually make this a unit specific addon, my vote would go to the 173rd Airborne. Feel free to Google them and have a look at the critically acclaimed NatGeo doc titled Restrepo that was filmed with them in Afghanistan.