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#92543 Posted at 2010-10-20 15:21        
yes i have the new patch. but im a total nube when it comes to pc gaming.. im eager to learn, and have made progress until now. .. after seeing how to properly install mods, i decided to erase any and all files that had any affiliation with arma2 or OA from my computer. . i installed.. downloaded my mods..then hit play. and now i get this window thats mocking me .. telling me that eventhandlers requires CAWepons3. and then i get the sight adjustment scriped wasnt found prompt. ..i tried the CBA_OA BUT THAT DIDNT WORK EITHER..

Added 4 minutes later:

so i just tried the to download the new patch again just to see if that was it.. then a prompt told me ARMA2 OA was not installed and/ or corrupt .