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#92869 Posted at 2010-10-26 00:59        
# axffox : It's fine, I will do the radio gear soon. I feel like texturing rather than 'mesin around with models right now. MOLLE sacks too , it's all a matter of time. I'm currently making the bottom acu pocket smaller , and just making some tweaks here and there .

thanks once again, I'm correcting that as we speak .

No worries. As always, this is the one singular addon that I'm looking forward too. Probably the only one I've actually looked forward too in a long time, and that's all throughout the OFP/ArmA series. I just better get some military advisor credits! :-[

Once you get it too a state you're comfortable with, I'd like to make a movie/short with the addon and simply showcasing the addon.

Stuff I've done in the past.

Cameron McDonalds 1st ID addon (old school ArmA)
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More recent.

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