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#92957 Posted at 2010-10-27 21:43        
I would go for the ATI 6870 over the 5850

Added 2 minutes later:

# Dead3yez : Can you post a link to this RAM. I have M4A785-TD evo motherboard... With the amd 965 processor. I have problems with my memory. My system is very unstable and will often lock-up unless it's underclocked to 1066Mhz.
Check and make sure you ram voltage is set correctly in the bios for your sticks.

I would go for the ATI 6870 over the 5850. Faster, cooler, uses less power, and is even cheaper than the 5850.

Added 8 minutes later:

# W.I.C.K.E.D. : Actually, quite a fallacy. You ever consider you were running all that shiny new stuff on a 7200rpm drive devildog? You could of added it to your old hardware and there wouldn't of been a considerate performance boost. It was a combination, of new hardware plus the ssd, being whatever you had prior to the ssd was capping your performance. Here is an equation for you. I have a phenom II BE @ factory 3.1 ghz, 9800gt, 4gb ram, and typical 7200 WD hard drive. Almost the same exact system Thoma111 has, difference being his gpu is one step up from mine, and his cpu is one step below mine (aside from the lack of L3 cache on athlon II). I installed two 10k raptor drives in raid for the OS, Arma 2, and OA alone. No considerate difference in performance...only minor. So you are misleading this kid by telling him that an ssd will give him the boost he needs. Ssd are new technology, meaning an above average failure rating, and overpriced. They do have lower RAT than raptor or velociraptor drives, but when 2 (10k sata) are in raid they are comparable on certain levels.

DevilDog actually stated that he tested it with his traditional HD after the swap and saw a negligible difference. I did the same as well. I had ArmA installed on my Phenom II 955 GTX 260 and changed to my i7 920 GTX 470 SLI and saw a nice increase to 65fps. Now that i have my SSD installed I get a solid 85fps in the benchmark. So it can infact make a difference.

BTW, buying an i7 is not pissing in the wind. Buying an i5-750 is pissing in the wind when you can spend $30 more on a X3440 xeon and smoke check most CPU's out today. AMD can't keep up at the moment. And I am an AMD fanboi.

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