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#93721 Posted at 2010-11-11 17:02        
Ok this thread is only for feedback on addons you have downloaded from ArmaHolic and had a problem
with either understanding the main download page, or with some irregularities of the page itself.
Weather its from a simple spelling mistake or something that has really got you in a twist,
you can report it here and we will do our best to fix/change the problem as soon as possible.

Some Examples:

"Author" Maybe the Author is spelt wrong, or its the wrong name.

"Requirements" Sometimes this could say, (No addons required) but it could be wrong.

"Version" This might say 1.0 but its in fact 1.2 (this will or could cause problems in game etc)

"Signed" Is it not signed when it says it is? or vice versa.

"Short description" Maybe you were mislead or its spelt wrong etc

[all these simple errors can cause you problems either in game or countless errors]

And even on the page itself has things like "Credits" or "Features" and even "Installation" and
"Forum topic" in them might have a simple mistake or even something completely wrong and its not been
spotted by a Mod or Admin!

*Do not report broken links here! they have there own "Report broken download link" in the download page itself.

This would really help us and you guys out a lot by saving time on making posts about simple complaints
or mistakes about these problems if there are any.

Make a simple reply in this thread, giving the link to your page in question and provide us with as much
info as possible on what is the problem etc ... And please remember, everyone makes mistakes, even us
guys at ArmaHolic. Thank you!

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