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#95549 Posted at 2010-12-22 05:03        
[Originally posted in error to the ARMA II General Discussion - Moved here]


Been lurking forever and found just about everything I ever wanted to know about ARMA, ARMA2, OA, BAF etc..

Lately been messing around with some mission building and managed to figure out a lot about the M252 Mortar.

Funny thing, though. I can load it with ILLUM rounds (adding the Magazine "8Rnd_81mmILLUM_M252") and I can fire them, but I never see any Illumination happening. Interestingly also, when spotting for an AI Gunner, I can get him to fire HE rounds all day long, but once I switch to the ILLUM rounds, he refuses to fire.

Haven't tried the Willie Pete yet.

Any ideas?

I noticed that at the current patch level the classnames ARTY_8Rnd_81mmHE_M252, ARTY_8Rnd_81mmWP_M252, ARTY_8Rnd_81mmILLUM_M252 should be used without the ARTY_ prefix

(see: at the bottom of the page)

and that is what I have been doing. Works for the HE rounds.