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#95636 Posted at 2010-12-24 04:11        
# Foxhound : Start CO, not A2. Seeing how you refer to the A2 version number I guess you are not activating CO?
I am not familiar with Arma and Steam (and hope to never be), so maybe I say something stupid but you might want to be sure you are actually running both.

thanks for your reply!

after some search & reading, i have figured out that STEAM itself was messing up all the things., the only "fix" that worked for me was:

the "Arma II Launcher v1.4.0.0" application has saved my life & resolved my problems, now im able to launch and use both of my original "stand alone" STEAM versions of Armed Assault II and Operation Arrowhead as one application (Combined Operations) that finally makes visible and available all of the original units, isnalds and mods that i have downloaded, including the Lingor island. etc