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#95828 Posted at 2010-12-29 13:15        
Hello BKP,

It really depends on the workforce.

We don't really have that large a team at the moment so trying to attempt to create the entire Romanian Armed Forces may be quite difficult at the moment.

If we did start a project working on all the units then obviously it would take a while longer to get a full release of the mod working with no bugs.

At the moment, the team is also assembling the various bits of the demo as i have stated above, preparing it for final release. The RAF Modification Team will take in to account what you have said and what the community wants and hopefully we can produce something everyone likes.

I am still sure that even if the mod lacks some units from the Romanian Armed Forces you will still love it, as it includes new features and models.

I will speak to the other members of the team to see if we will continue the mod work for another stage after the final release of the RAF Afghanistan Units.

Regards, Rlast.

RAF Modification Team.

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