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#96410 Posted at 2011-01-11 13:18        
Hi all, once more, I return with a more question.

I've had this issue many times over the past years without any resolution found (yet) and I don't know if anyone else knows how to fix this.
So basically, I go into the Player Profile to edit it, right?, at the main menu. Then, I had the Default Face selected which shouldn't affect in any way. However, when I go into the editor and spawn, for example, a FAC Operator from USMC, he should have his face painted with some green and brown camouflage pattern. Problem is, it won't show up. I have no idea whether this is conditioned to the fact that I have the Default Face selected or not. I tried changing my face but I yet haven't had time to try if it works or not. :-(

So, is there a way to spawn a character that is originally player-controlled without its face paint disappearing due to the fact it is the original player character?

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