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#97087 Posted at 2011-01-23 02:20        
So I was playing the game recently and i noticed all the cool features in ace that allow you to swap your gear such as glasses, backpacks, earplugs, gas masks etc and i thought "wouldnt it be awesome if you could take a model ingame with no helmet and pick out which helmet you could use, or which hydration pack would best suit my task ahead" (purely show as the hydration packs have no sway in the game although it would be good if thirst could be implemented too), i have heard that the AAW mod has something similar but i didnt want to use the aussie gear so i decided to go ahead and "try" and create my own.

I know my previous mods are at a standstill right now but i need some inspiration and, well basically, practice in order to finish those so i thought i would give this a go!

i have only just started modelling the gear but here is what i have so far!

(one helmet but hey its a start lol)