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#97184 Posted at 2011-01-24 14:46        
I am still a long way from release, I am going to change up the helmets textures and gear, maybe add the snake skin pattern to a couple of them , I am hoping for about 5 different helmets on release aswell as the Hawg hydration pack and a few different rucks including a reworked Alice pack as I feel the one on ace right now looks a little weird. I will be creating these items in several camouflage patterns aswell as in coyote, od and ranger green. As far as the animation of the goggles I don't think that is possible although it would be awesome if it could be done. I will probably be asking the aaw team how to go about implementing these features into an ammo crate as I have very limited confit experience. That is where I lose patience with my models, I have about 10 finished models sitting on my hd that I have nearly given up on due to config frustration. Including my US pilots but they also have a few assignment problems and lod errors. I will be updating when I have news which should be soon!