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#97387 Posted at 2011-01-27 10:27        
I was supposed to post this here so here it goes:

I am kinda having trouble running a dedicated server.

The problem is that when users connect with a specific module/mod it crashes. What I wanna do is only not allow for that specific module/mod, in this case ACE. I do wanna allow for other mods but not that one.

I read all the dedicated server pages, documents and files. It runs fine, only when someone connects to it with that module it crashes.

I tried using "checkonfiles" which works, only it doesn't kick the user like it should. It does say and notice that a user has that specific file/mod running. But it doesn't kick like it says on the armaholic dedicated server howto by AsRock.

I also tried Doolittle's anti cheat and than disable that pbo (a few), but it only kicks after a user has connected and "spawned". It uses "Spawn" in its script. I was hoping it could be made into check onuserconnect and "then" kick them, rather than have them load the game, start and than the damage is done.

Maybe Doolittle can help me out or clarify on that? Or someone else...