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I'm not familiar with how this works, or how you plan on implementing it but I'd like to put some options out there to broaden the spectrum.

Assuming your a making an attempt for players to customize their character

  • You could possibly add more 'glasses' slots into the character personalization feature, maybe add a Helmet slot, Backpack slot, Gear slot (For vest load out)

  • You could add 1 'glasses' slot as Equipment Set-up and use a Soldier with nothing on his IOTV or MTV (Equipment Set-up determines the Soldiers overall gear layout)

  • You could have a Soldier with nothing on his rig (similar to above) but instead of using the main menu to set him up, have an ammo crate that adds gear to the Soldier (similar to the back pack system having certain gear set-ups could add more Gear Slots)

Added 1 Minute Later

Last one seems best IMO

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