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#97620 Posted at 2011-02-01 19:07        
# Burningpunk : Hello,

We have set the mso\mso_uids.txt on a dedi server like this:

["3065606", "LIEUTENANT", ["admin"]], /*Burningpunk*/
["1693574", "LIEUTENANT", ["admin"]], /*Arcanjo*/
["1475910", "LIEUTENANT", ["admin"]], /*Alex*/
["3089350", "SERGEANT", ["pilot","crew"]] /*Sinistro*/

The "Initialisation Complete" message never appears...basically the same problem as megagoth above....
Your file content looks fine. Can you post where you've located your file?
# Thermis : Having same problem, Initilization never gets past mp rights. Code is set up as follows.

["769729", "LIEUTENANT",["pilot"]] /*Cptkanito*/
["337728", "LIEUTENANT",["admin"]] /*Thermis*/
You've got a comma missing on your first line.
["769729", "LIEUTENANT",["pilot"]], /*Cptkanito*/
["337728", "LIEUTENANT",["admin"]] /*Thermis*/
Try that and see how you go.