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Hi Viper. I came back around because I reinstalled the game once more. Despite my previous comment above, I'm not altogether ready to denounce video games. Taking pleasure from killing for the sake of killing - absolutely that is evil. However, soldiers practice somehow, don't they?

War "games" have been used throughout history, and the Old Testament Israelites were sanctioned by God on a number of occasions to use extreme violence against the evil nations hardened in sins. David, before he was king, must have practiced with the sling thousands and thousands of times.

In any case, I still only play missions that can be considered just causes for violence - I tend to make my own missions.

# VIPER[CWW] : WoW this thread soon turned into a topic discussing religious aspects and views, isnt that a rule break? :-D

I think the rules are broken when common courtesy is disregarded. Politely disagreeing is not a breach of common courtesy. ;)

Just kidding of course, the swearing, bad language, blood, gore in this game are going to be present no matter what as it is a military simulator these things happen, swearing will happen in this modern world of ours and everybody has the right to express their hurt/pain/anger with this altered language of ours.

Oh I certainly agree with the part in bold, but the underlined part... Well, I'll let you say it in your own words:

I do not however swear infront of loved ones as that to me is a very rude and bad thing.

So you would have to admit, then, that you are saying that people have the right to do bad things, but just not to their loved ones. I certainly disagree.

But alas many people do swear unintentionally, that doesnt mean we can frown upon them and/or feel they are on the road to hell.

When people do admittedly bad things unintentionally, the question has to be asked: Are they trying not to do bad things? Are they at least improving? Or do they feel that they should not have to try to be good for the sake of others?

Questions I asked myself long ago: Do I want to let my environment to define who I am?

Remember “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult”

Yes indeed!

“Great men are not always wise”

I'm sorry but whoever said that was evidently not drawing his conclusions from history, philosophy or theology.

Swearing/Profanity whatever you would like to call it is an outcome of the modern man and as such will always be included in games (i dont think they have religious versions do they? :-) ), however i think a mod that can oust the swearing in the game can only be a plus for anyone that is insulted by it or in a parents circumstance, to stop their children from hearing it.

Why should parents stop children from hearing it, if they are inevitably going to be "just a part of the modern world" and do it anyway? I think anybody who honestly thinks about it will admit that the thought of children using foul language is sickening to us because many people view them as innocent. Why succumb to the "inevitable" loss of innocence, when instead children can be brought up to have the same moral fortitude in their adult lives as well?

This topic has some good views in it which i like to see, though i guess i will always swear (this is in no way an insult to whatever god you believe in) its just an expression :-)

I'm glad to see that you can have a somewhat open mind and a polite discussion about the opinions of others.

I guess its because i am young and still learning ;-)
Added 2 minutes later:

A "Mark Twain" quote:

“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.”

I tend to put Jesus Christ quotes before Mark Twain quotes, myself.

"But I say to you not to swear at all"

St. Paul, too:

"Let no evil speech proceed from your mouth"

Added 12 minutes later:

Speaking of such missions, I have made one and it will be the first one I've published.

You just finished a commercial flight, and were dropped off with a few others at the southern lighthouse of Pomegratskaya for an ice fishing trip, but something has gone horribly wrong.

The Island of has been surreptitiously infected with a plague that kills instantly and then reanimates the corpse, which then runs about frantically, killing anyone in its path, who then become infected as well. The Marines were already in place, but that doesn't seem to matter.

In this SP Mission you have to "Get to the chopper!". Cliche title, yes, but don't judge it until you try it out.

Get to the chopper!


You are an off duty civil pilot. You came to Pomegraskaya for some ice fishing, when lo and behold a sudden onslaught of infected! One of your colleagues has left your chopper at "the lighthouse", or so he said. Great! There are only three other lighthouses on the island to choose from! You will need to search vehicles and bodies in order to find what you need to get out alive.

  • Random time of day
  • Random date
  • Random weather
  • Random loot

  • Installation:
    Place the .pbo into your Arma 2/Missions folder.

    Zombie_Hoodoo, Zombie_Chase and excerpt from Good Night FINAL (musics track from
    Also, one bonus track if you complete the secret bonus objective

    Change log:
  • Removed player test waypoints that were accidentally left behind.

  • Notes:
    Look around for loot and don't expect it to be the same each time!

    Possibly others addons are , since I made it with Ace running, as well as CBA and JTD fireandsmoke. Actually I have lots of addons running, so I apologize if I missed something, or if there are other dependencies I have not listed.

    PM me if there is any trouble, and I'll try to fix it if I can.

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