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#98166 Posted at 2011-02-10 22:21        
# Wyte_Out : Whats crazy is you spent 270$ for a AMD 2.6Ghz I think is what you got. when for under 250$ you could of bought any of Intels new processors like the i3-i5- or i7 serious I think the i7 is most expensive.

No, it's the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3,2GHz Black Edition which costs 270$. An upgrade to an Intel CPU would cost me a LOT more since I'd have to get a new motherboard with a socket that supports such CPU's. Also I don't have a PC-case in which I can place a lot of cooling equipment, since the AMD runs cooler (with stock cooler) than a comparable Intel CPU it feels like the right choice. Purchasing the AMD also saves me a lot of work besides not putting me completely bankrupt :)

I've been researching, as in reading/watching 20+ reviews/benchmarks and other tests, for about a week ;)