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I don't know how much free time I'll have during the next few weeks so I've quickly made a "releasable" version.
Not as complete as I wanted but at least you guys can have fun, and it's a template so you can customise/modify it as you wish

A few numbers :
- 3 Runways of 1.2km
- 3 main taxiways
- 17 hangars
- + 2700 lights
- + 20 guard towers
- 6 helipads
- Total superficy of 650.000 m² = 0.65Km²

Don't skip this ! :
The template is on Utes, of course no need to say you shouldn't even try to press the preview button. Merge it to the island on your choice.
Also if you're using mandoble's scripted landing and taking off and if you want to change the main bearing of the Airbase (default is "0") you'll have to change the take off direction in the init file, for each plane.
See example below

Crappy vid :

required addons :
- AGS industrial buildings
- OPX Buildings
- Mondkald's island objects
- Map Editor Upgrade
- ASC EU Lights

**UPDATE** : Opteryx kindly allowed me to post a link of his Nevada Desert Terrain, enjoy !
Mega upload

Strongly recommended addon :
- Scripted landing and taking off

Example (mainly from Mandoble's readme) :

Download link :
Rapid share
Have fun :)

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