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#98784 Posted at 2011-02-21 13:51        
# VIPER[CWW] : Christ this weeks SOTW is sexy, nice choice there Dark!!

I also stand by my suggestion of having only one consecutive screen per member for SOTW :-)

Where was that from btw? BI Forums? perhaps you should post here to say who the winner is each week.

Might get your postcount up :-D

@Viper LoL you and things about "post count" lol ... Anyways, ive said it before and ill say it
again, Fox does not wish to have other screen from other forums on here! the ones I choose
are by our community members only. *CRAZY*

And what you mean by this mate "having only one consecutive screen per member"

@EMMOZ nice screenys mate! would love to see some of your work "without" photoshop,
lol ... I may just start a new thread for non photoshop screenys only! ill have to talk to Fox about it,
though would it be popular or not? as many people prefur to use PS with there screens now a days.

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