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#98811 Posted at 2011-02-21 18:36        
# VIPER[CWW] : What i mean is say EMMOZ produces a screen worthy of SOTW i dont think it to be fair to other users if he gets SOTW a second week running :-) some people might just stop trying.

The picture up there now isnt EMMOZ's work! its from someone called 255 ...
I pick the picture that deserve to be up weather its the same author or not, though I wouldnt go
over the top and say post the same authors pics more than 2 weeks running! that wouldnt be fair,
though not picking others is not because im being unfair, but because I think the one that is up really deserves it. And to be honest, people shouldnt stop trying as they should learn off of screens
such as from EMMOZ's work and others, call it a way to get better if you want :-P

@Everyone wanting there screens on the SOTW ... get more active with that camera and start posting more 8-)

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