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#99632 Posted at 2011-03-07 20:52        
Sorry if this is an old thread...

Can anyone tell me quite what it takes to run this game at max settings? You see ever since I have been playing ArmA and then ArmA:2 OA + BAF + PMC I have been trying to build a system that will really monster this game. I thought that with my last build it would finally do it... Set everything to max and look at an amazing scene, as I play. I was wrong! Yes I can set things so it looks very nice and plays well but it bugs the hell out of me that I can't just run it at top settings. There are something I don't much like, the post processing effects and much prefer them off or very low, but that is a visual thing. I don't much like HDR so I have that turned down too. I don't often fly so I don't need to see beyond 2500K, with my face in the dirt it's not needed.

With these settings I get the following:

    One 41
    Two 15
    E08 48

If I try to push up the fillrate much beyond 100% or push the view distance out too far and the game becomes a slid show! To be honest I have to trim the setting shown to be able to play within a city on Chernarus or Zaragbad without lagging too much.

I guess I'm a little ticked off that my rig can't handle this game properly, so my question is, what can? Is there anyone out there that can have every in game setting maxed completely? can they get a sustained 60fps in every situation? Fillrate 200% 10K view distance running on a nice big screen??? Is it possible? What am I missing?

My Spec's:

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