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#99746 Posted at 2011-03-08 08:35        
Warning level +1 for going off topic again!

We too do not support those who do not support BIS or the addon makers in this community in a way they should support them. We happily support the measures the BIS forums take against a member if there is proof they ignore the EULA and/or do not respect the work of other addon makers.
I personally have no problem preventing any such member from having acces to Armaholic.
This includes people who think they can stir up things here just cause on the BI forums their time has probably passed, were warned or caught.

When you have issues with the members of the BI forums create your own website to bitch about them or visit community forums which happily agree to let others use their place to bitch about other places. Armaholic is not such a place.