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#99759 Posted at 2011-03-08 13:46        
those other games the newer ones out use alot of cached enemy ai, no way could they put out 64 groups on a small map all at once in a 3d world. arma2 like old fighters anthology flight sim or falcon4.0 will always eat up memory as will arma2 and expansions because they deal with huge distances and game doesnt use floating point like most flight sims did in the past. the stuttering in flight of jets is i think because no floating point, but maps arent that big so no need to use floating point. on your hard drive make sure it has cached memory set to auto
and cached reserve of 2 gigs at least and set to auto not fixed memory. you wont need to reboot as often
to free up hd space virtual mem. its still a 2d game with a 3d wrapper = huge memory hogs.
remove the 2d grass on proving grounds add 7 town modules and 250 enemy ai spawned in bldgs no slow down. put 2d grass back in and yu get frame hit.

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