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#99782 Posted at 2011-03-08 20:38        
# Foxhound : This topic is not to discuss why this game performs the way it does but to share tips how to improve performance.

Trying to keep within the topic of this thread can anyone suggest a way to enable the game to make full use of the resources my PC has.

6 Cores running at almost 4GHz
8 GB of RAM running at about 1.4GHz
2 modern GPU's with 2GB of RAM
SSD for OS and game files

Given the published recommended system requirements for this game I'm confident that my computer is several times that recommendation. What can I do to enhance the performance of this game? And I repeat my earlier question that is still unanswered. Has anyone build a computer capable of running this game at maximum settings? My CPU could be faster, so could the GPU's. Is unrealistic to hope to be able to run ArmA:2 at more than moderate settings?