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#99794 Posted at 2011-03-08 22:36        
# PendragonUK :can they get a sustained 60fps in every situation?
# PendragonUK :Is unrealistic to hope to be able to run ArmA:2 at more than moderate settings?
I suppose it depends on what you consider realistic (or moderate), in terms of this particular application.

If you've spent anytime following similar topics covering this on the various boards you'll have no doubt seen the reports of users equipped w/ Xtreme core CPUs, SATA III SSDs in Raid 0, 24GB of PC3-16000, and GTX580s in trips SLI driving twin 30" displays complaining about their slideslow of 60FPS, while others, remarkedly, are steadily chugging along on 1st gen Core Duos, 7200RPM HDD, 2 gigs of PC2-6400, and an 8x series GPU.

We all have to contend with finding our own happy mediums...and making our own trade-offs.