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Welcome to armaholic :-)

First some rules for you which you seem to not have bothered reading during sign up but to which you still agreed when signing up.

[3.7] Do not type in all capital letters, or in AlTeRnAtE cApS (Alternate caps)
Typing in all caps equals according to standard net etiquette to yelling. It is also difficult reading such posts. The same applies to alternate caps. This goes for both forum posts as well as topic titles.

Topic title adjusted acordingly.

[3.10] Use a proper title for your new thread.
Threads with titles such as 'help me' that provide no detail and what is wrong or that are inappropriate or not related to the topic you wish to discuss may be closed.

Topic title adjusted acordingly.

Now thats out of the way on to your question.

The description.ext should be in the same folder as your mission.sqm, not the mission.pbo. The mission.sqm is the file generated when you save the mission in the editor.
Did you actually place the marker on the map in the editor?

This is pretty basic stuff covered million times already. So why you are not able to find any info regarding this is beyond my imagination.
If you really want to dig into mission editing there is only one real resource to start with and that is Armed Assault Editing Guide - Deluxe Edition - English version.
The guide was originally written for Armed Assault but applies to most stuff in Arma 2 as well and for sure this basic stuff as that never changed.
Also you can not test if the respawn works in the editor, as that does not work.