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#99825 Posted at 2011-03-09 13:12        
Hi All,
First I'd like to say Hi and Thank You to all of you who provide all the great mods and upgrades for the ARMA series!!
I recently purchased Arma2 and OA separately.
Sorry if this post is a bit long...
But recently since I updated both games to current rev's I am experiencing the "black screen of death" more frequently.
I use to only get it on ARMA2 but now I get it on both games.
And adding ACES hasn't helped :).
I can (right alt) enter back into the game but it's a real pain.
I currently run an nivida 9800GTX video card and have a 4 gig dual core processor running Vista 64 .
I have no problems with frame rates just the Black Screen.
After slogging through every post concerning the "BSOD" here and on the BIS forums I have yet to find a good solution.
What would be the best video card I should get to run the game?
I would love to be able to join an online multiplayer group but as it is now it would be impossible for me because of this problem
Any help would be much appreciated.