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#99891 Posted at 2011-03-10 13:51        
cinco is correct.
the thing is tho that 100fps guy is consistently pumping rounds
and if the other slower machine cant produce the frames to keep up slow guy never saw or knew what hit him.... in a co-op this wouldnt matter, but a 1vs 1 guns only dogfight would or groundwar deathmatch.
removing grass helps just add it to the init line in your mission. dropping 42 enemy grps of 12 ai ? use cacheing script. default setting was something i read in here in arma a few years ago, sorry late joining...
but i started out on flashpoint demo when we used that crack to open game demo up. so ive been around awhile not really a noob. i use to run a flight sim and at end of match it would state bullet round hits and %
framers always had higher % hits, its why they made the patch to keep everybody on a level playing field.
i cant be for sure maybe a developer could answer if the game uses a frame limiter like most flight sims.

after patching i had to practice all over again to get back where i was on the topgun list...

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