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#99973 Posted at 2011-03-11 16:40        
Thanks for all the input, my Frame Rates are fine, no lag,no jitter, just the plain o'l "nivida black screen."
DarkXess,I reread the posts and I did see something I missed earlier.
Adjusting the in game video size to be slightly below the resolution size on my montor.

I did that and then set my video panel to :
Ambient Occlusion = OFF atm.
AF= Application Controlled
Gamma Correction=On
AA= Application controlled
Transparency= off
Texture Clamp=Use Hardware
Pre-Rendered Frames=8
Single Display performance Mode
Maximum Performance
SLI-Force alternate frame rendering 2
Texture Filtering = on
Texture filtering/neg bias=clamp
Quality=High Performance
Trilinear Optimization= on
Threaded optimization=on
Triple buffering=off
This helped a great deal, I was able to run OA at Max Seetings for almost 1 hour before it crashed to balck screen.
I did a video flush and Alt+ (right) entered back into the game and I was able to run it for about another 1/2 hour before the next crash.

I am still having trouble running ARAM 2, I still get crashes almosst every 5 minutes, even running the above settings
But I haven't given up yet.
Thanks for all the help.