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#1 Posted at 2006-09-26 07:54       forum rules

In order to keep the forums running well and to prevent problems, please follow these simple rules. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact one of the Staff Members.
Breaking any of our forum rules may result in an official warning or in some cases can result in a permanent ban.
The Armaholic staff reserves the right to take action against anyone that damages the integrity of the site, site team or moderating staff.

First important thing to know is that we do not moderate our forums!
Anyone playing Arma should be old and wise enough to know how to behave on a public forum. When you break our rules you might find your topic deleted and you might be banned, all without notice cause normal behaviour and respecting our rules speaks for itself.

When one of the rules listed below is not clear you can ask us before posting! If you post anyway and your topic breakes our forum rules do not bother yourself to contact us with the standard complaining etc over mail and/or PM or otherwise cause we will not take you serious. Really, do not bother, we will not reply in a serious way! If you can not be respectfull towards our work we will return the favor and have some fun with you.

By using our website you agree to the below rules as well as any rules we may have listed elsewhere (for example, but not limitted to, in the sticky topics or in the form when you create a new topic).

1. Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct regulate the interaction between our forum members. They are in place to ensure the board remains a civilized place where people can communicate freely without being harassed and abused.
    [1.1] No Flaming/Flame-baiting/Bigotry
    [1.2] Swearing / foul language
    [1.3] Follow the instructions of the Administrators and Moderators
    [1.4] Report rule violations

2. Rules of Contents

The Rules of Contents regulate the substance of what is posted. They are in place to ensure that topics that are posted do not offend and bother people or violate the law.
    [2.1] No discussion on game-alterations that break the EULA
    [2.2] No discussion about illegally obtained software
    [2.3] No discussion about cracks
    [2.4] No discussion about MP (multiplayer) cheats
    [2.5] No Spam
    [2.6] No posting of explicit graphics
    [2.7] No usage of content of forbidden organisations
    [2.8] Do not start threads relating to discussions on other boards
    [2.9] No public discussion on how the forum is moderated
    [2.10] No posting of messages from banned members
    [2.11] No advertisement about non ArmA related stuff
    [2.12] No Community advertising.
      As of 12 januari 2014 we do not allow any kind of community advertising on our forums anymore.
      Anyone who posts any kind of advertising on our forums will be banned without further notice and the post deleted.
      As of 5 may 2018 there is an exception for our subscribers. Subscribers who wish to advertise on Armaholic can do so in this forum section.
    [2.13] Looking for coders, scripters modellers etc
      Do not create topics on Armaholic when searching for coders, scripters, modellers and anything related.
      The Armaholic staff decides wether your post breakes this rule or not. The topic will be removed and the poster will be banned for some time.
      Offering money is not allowed and will result in a ban without further notice.
    [2.14] No politics
    [2.15] No affiliate or referral links.
    [2.16] No 'bumping'.
    [2.17] No asking for release dates.
    [2.18] No posting of edited addons without permission.
      [2.18a] Armaholic endeavours to respect all applicable copyrights and will not host any content that it's discovered contains any part which has been used without permission or modified in any illegal or unapproved method as per the terms of service of Bohemia Interactive and their tools.
[2.19] No posting of spoilers.

3. Rules of Format

The Rules of Format regulate the appearance of what is posted and of user profile. They are in place to ensure that the board remains easy to use and uncluttered with unnecessary elements.
    [3.1] Search before posting
    [3.2] Post in the right forum
      We have noticed people love to post in the wrong section. Your topic will simply be deleted so it really is better to invest a few seconds to find the proper place.
    [3.3] Do not cross-post
    [3.4] Do not double, triple etc -post
    [3.5] Do not dig up old threads
    [3.6] No duplicate accounts (not for any reason)
    [3.7] Do not type in all capital letters, or in AlTeRnAtE cApS (Alternate caps)
      We have noticed people love to write in all caps (partially or fully) or alternate caps. Your topic will simply be deleted so it really is better to write text as how you learned it in school.
    [3.8] Write in English
    [3.9] Remove image tags when quoting a post containing an image
    [3.10] Use a proper title for your new thread.
      We have noticed people love to add useless and faque topic titles to their topics. Your topic will simply be deleted so it really is better to invest a few seconds to make a proper title.

4. Signatures and Avatars

Keep avatars and signatures within forum regulations.
To keep signatures reasonably small following rules apply:


    1) Graphic Signature:
    Here you can see the max size:

    2) Text Signature:
    It can have up to 8 lines.


    1) Graphic Avatar:
    We allow avatars up to 170 x 170 pixels!

NOTE 1: Using images other than those will cause your signature or avatar doesnt show correctly.
NOTE 2: Also flash/animated or multiple files will be checked so they dont slow down the loading times.
NOTE 3: If you have troubles uploading your file contact and Administrator

If you fail to use a signature with these requirements we will replace it with the following:
[center]My signature doesn't meet the armaholic forum rules and screws up the layout. I should read [url=][red]this topic[/red][/url] and fix it.

If you see a violation of these rules on the board, please use the "report button" to report it to a Moderator or Administrator. If we all do our bit this forum can be a place that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age, sex, religion or nationality.


Updated forum rules March 15th 2011
- updated rule 2.16
- updated rule 3.11

- added rule 1.2
- added rule 1.5

Updated forum rules Februari 3rd 2012
- Updated rule 3.12, added the RPG Community note

Updated forum rules Januari 12 2014
- Updated rule 3.12, no more advertising allowed anywhere on our forums.

Updated forum rules Januari 26 2014
- removed the old rule 3.11 about addon requests, that rule no longer applies
- Added rule 3.12 (Looking for coders, scripters modellers etc)

Updated forum rules March 26 2015
- No public discussion about the moderation allowed anywhere! (removed the one topic where we allowed it previously).

Updated forum rules May 7 2015
- Rules 3.11 and 3.12 moved to the Rules of Contents, their respective numbers are now 2.12 and 2.13.

Fixed some errors August 13 2016

Updated forum rules October 24 2016
- Changed the rules to clear and simple lists without much explanation as most speaks for itself.

Updated forum rules May 5 2018
- the non-advertisement rule has been adjusted. Subscribers are now allowed to advertise following specific rules!

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