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UKF Operation Shahi Tandar

As a members of NATO forces in Takinstan we need to get a supply convoy through to the forward operation base Inkerman.

42 Royal Marines Commandos was AirLifted during the night to there new home for the next 3 Months,Welcome to F.S.B. Fiddler Green as soon as you are settled you must start Combat Patrol in the Area:
  • OBJ1 you will be helo into your LZ "codename B3Z" and you will patrol along the road to RV Bravo Three Zero where you will patrol along the road and engage any tangos
  • OBJ2 you will be helo into your LZ "codename B2Z" and you will patrol along the road to RV Bravo Two Zero where you will patrol along the road and engage any tangos

What about Takistan civilians? A series of leaflet drops in early February persuaded many townspeople and villagers to leave the area. Before the operation was launched, provincial officials estimated that 35,000 residents of Marjah had left, out of a population of 80,000.

What resistance can the troops expect? Estimates put the number of Takistan fighters in the Area of Rasman at somewhere between 300 and 1,000. But despite the low number, Major Andrew, who commanded forces in Afghanistan in 2006, has warned of heavy fighting.

First stage of Operation Shahi Tandar declared a success in a series of complex airborne assaults, more than two thousand British and US troops began flooding into Taliban-controlled territory under Operation Sahi Tandar.

Operation Shahi Tandar There are the best part of 100 British troops here together with 22sas German KSK. They've moved much faster than they expected.We arrived here under the cover of darkness with a whole series of helicopters ferrying troops out to different parts of the district. We landed at about 0400 and waited in a field until first light then started to move through the village where we are now. There has been not much sign of insurgents or, indeed, the local population - they seem to have fled in advance. We have heard a few booms in the distance - we believe those are controlled explosions of IEDs. So far, and it's early days, UK forces seem pleased with how things have gone.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

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