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#1 Posted at 2010-07-09 00:40        
I have just set up my dedicated server to run ARMA2 missions on multiplayer. I have managed to set up a working ARMA2 server and play on it This is a Disc vertion of the game. I then downloaded ARMA2 OA on Steam and set up another server to run Warfare BE on but when i log into the mission i can choose the mission from the menu and get as far as the breifing but when i press continue i get kicked back to the lobby.

I have a quad core machine with 4 gig of memory running the game and i have a quad core Xeon Server with 2 gig of memory running the dedicated server. Its a bit of a beast but is a server machine and so should run two instances of the game no problem. My internet line is a 20meg cable connection but i dont think that this is the problem.

I think that the problem is with the stram download, i have never DL a game before as i prefer to buy a disc vertion and get a key code is this my problem can any one help.

I must say i dont like the Download and may ask for my money back to buy a disc vertion this is not what i was expecting and frankly it is not fit for the purposes it was brought for. IE to run a dedicated server.

HELP i cant play on my own server . Please can someone try and load onto the server and see if it is just me because i have done everything that i have done to get the other servers working. Server name is "Enigma UK 3 OA" it is live and waiting to run a game.

I can play on other servers and enjoy the new game loads.


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