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#1 Posted at 2010-07-12 09:37        
Hey guys! I have two problems, both hard and tricky for me. I hope you guys can help.

My first problem is the setPos one. For my cutscenes I want the player to stand where the I have placed a marker, i.e. p1pos1. But when the cutscene starts the player is not in the correct position where the camera has been placed! Quite anynoying...

Here is the code I have use...

p1 setPos (position p1pos1);

My second problem is linked with the string table. I have used a string table in my mission and I have tried to use the reference code to the text and tried to put it in a TitleText code but when the text pops up it says '$STR_v01'.

Extract from my string table...

STR_v01,	"Hey, are you Andrew Ryan?"
STR_v02,	"Yeah that's me. Are you Joshua Armstrong?"
STR_v03,	"Yup, your brother sent me to pick you up. He's been very busy lately."
STR_v04,	"Alright, let's go shall we."

And this is the TitleText code...

TitleText["$STR_v01","PLAIN DOWN"];

Any and all help is welcome...