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Inpace & IlSocio®

Scalapatraz is a new tactical team vs team game mode that will really test your skills.

It's based on a Capture & Hold, with one or more sector to conquer and maintain to raise your score.

How it works:
Conquering the sectors is based on parameters. You can choose how many players are needed to conquer the sector, from 1 (easy mode, suited for public servers) to 4 (very hard mode, recommended only for very organized teams and for clanwars). The possibility to choose the number of players needed to conquer a sector is intended to enhance and select the level of teamwork required. At variance with others C&H, this new gamemode is teamwork based.

Most of you will be armed only with the basic equipment and just a few of you will have access to special weapons such as rocket launchers or sniper rifles. You need to coordinate and manage your resources as best if you want to prevail over the opposing faction!

You'll have many vehicles at your base. Just remember that they will not respawn if destroyed. This mode is intended to be realistic, however, you can always rearm and repair your vehicles at your base. Again, the possibility of creating a vehicle (motorbike only) is based on a selectable parameter. Depending on the selected parameter, you will be more and more forced to coordinate with other players.

Capture a sector will not be easy. You'll need to make team play and cover each other, you must stay close to the flags for a long time and you'll often be in open field!

You can play this mode at different times of day, including night. In this case you will be able to use your night equipment that is available when you'll choose your gear.

One last thing to know: there will be no bonuses during the game, not even at the end of the match. You must fight for the sectors from the beginning! There is no time to loose. Remember that coordination and teamwork is all you can count to prevail over the opposing faction.

Lastly, what does Scalapatraz mean? Basically nothing, it is a battle cry with a story behind ..

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Additional info:
Fore more additional informations please read the readme file included in the pack. To report bugs and suggestions please visit the following websites: or

Credits & thanks:
Authors : {BDR}*IlSocio* and {BDR}*Inpace*
Original Sound Track: {BDR}*MaxiVsr10*
Special Thanks : All BDR mates, -=MiU=-Crossfire, -=MiU=-Polkovnik and -=MiU=-Demon for beta testing, Xeno for end_script.sqf (from The Hunter)

Where to play it:
BDR CLAN Server (ip: or Lega Italiana Arma Server (ip:[/h3]


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