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Hello all,
I already builded some Maps,but i would say this is my Masterpiece till now.Im realy proud of this Map.
I worked over a week at my new Coop Map "Into the Lions Den".Its a highly modified (80%new) Version of Fortress Zargabad with 4 new Tasks and several new Scripts.
I made 3 Versions for weak,medium and high end Servers (L,M,HE)

Into the Lions Den

Players have to Capture or Kill Colonel Arian Aziz and his right hand Captain Sami Hasheem. They also must find evidence for Aziz´s crimes before Aziz can destroy them. The Players need the Help of a local Informer, but this Man wont help them until the Players have freed his Family,taken as hostage by Aziz.

There is also a Sidemission where Players can earn a Littlebird Prototype armed with 12,7mm Gatling Guns and Maverick Rockets instead of 7,62mm Minigun and Folding-Fin Air Rockets (FFAR)

Server-Load Reducing "Spawn enemy on Demand". Enemies will first be Spawned when Players comes close their Area.This increases the Server-FPS

Lobby Parameters: Time of Day (Morning,Day,Evening,Night) and Timelimit

Very Intelligent Enemy behaviour directed by UPSMON Script.The Enemy will talk to each other about spotted Enemies and they react to things like Dead Bodies. Enemies will Help each other.Its Hard to describe what they all do, short said. they react much more like real enemys than normal.
There also scripted Events like Suicide Bombers, Airborne Attacks and more.
The Main Target Aziz will try to get to the Airfield to escape with an Antonov 2 Plane when he is in big Danger.

-IED and Suicide Bombers: There are some IEDS and even Suicide Bombers in Vehicles Possible.

-Intelligent Static Weapons: The Static Defenses are controlled by Script. They will scan the Area for Enemys in selected Areas.For Example a Searchlight which looks up and down a road.Or Anti Air Searchlights which search the Air for Choppers.
-My Tip: Select "Night" in Lobby-Parameters

Other Features:
Hmm what else i could mention,ah yes, theres also a Revive Funtion,A Halo-Mapclick and a Mobile Spawn.
Vehicles are limited to their Real users.
Chopper=Pilots only IFV=Crewman APC&"Jeeps"&Bikes =Everyone
Vehicle Respawns after different Times, after Bike will spawn after 1min a Chopper needs 5.
I also added some Markers like "Bradley IFV" to the Vehicles which will move with them so everyone see the pos. on Map.
Theres also some static Weapons in base which have a high ammount of Ammo. Transport them with the Transport Humvee to a combat position if wanted.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder for singleplayer.

There are 3 Versions: for weak, medium and high end Servers (L,M,HE)

  • All Triggers checked
  • Triggers no longer react to flying Choppers
  • UPSMON Optimised-Changed Parameters of some Groups
  • Minefield - To Guide Player Movement away from Desert left of Villa
  • Minefield can be moved trough
  • Fixed some Trigger-Related Task Errors
  • Captain Hasheem is now a IED Expert of the Insurgents/Militia.
  • Hostages now will be shot after 30 Minutes Countdown
  • The Sniper-Team should get into position before the Players attack.

  • Still to do:
    Optimising of Vehicle Respawn Positions
    Adding Markers (which dont stay on map after Death) to Players
    Adding Norrins more complex Revive (atm its a more simple revive)
    Balancing after Tests

    Credits & Thanks:
    Scripts Used:
    UPSMON Script from Monsada
    Simple Guard Patrol Script from Tophe
    Spawngroup from Warthog
    CheckPilot/Checkcrew from Xeno
    And more scripts written by myself.
    Special thx to "The Scar" for testing with me on his ded. Server

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    Page updated.

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