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#1 Posted at 2010-08-19 14:06        
I created a script for the OA scud.

this needs the GIG scud to work!
optional: mando missiles ( to shoot the scuds down)

This script lets the player and the AI fire a scud missile with the OA scud launcher at any target.
Minimum range of the scud missile is 1000 meters. There are 4 different warheads:

1 = HE
2 = toxic gas
3 = nuke 15kt
4 = nuke 80kt

The script comes in two versions. One for AI and one for players.

-----the AI version-------
Create a scud , name it and type readytofire = 1 in the init

Create a trigger next to scud.

triggername: scud_targetrange
Size: as big as you want that the range of the missile is.
Condition: this and readytofire == 1
Activation: bluefor , detected by opfor, repeatedly
Init: [scudname,warhead,reload time of scud in seconds] exec "scud_aitarget.sqs"
Example: [scud1,1,10] exec "scud_aitarget.sqs"

-----the player version-------
Create a gamelogic , name it playertarget
Create a radio trigger
Init: [scudname,warhead,reload time of scud in seconds]exec "scudplayer.sqs"

Gigan for his scud
Odin for his gasbomb script

let me now what you think


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#2 Posted at 2010-08-20 00:09        
I think needing an addOn (Gigan's Scud) when a Scud is already in game is a little redundant and limiting. I also think the script is missing? :)


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#3 Posted at 2010-08-20 15:23        
The in-game scud lacks a warhead. So you do need some extra goodies to make it useful.

I am fear.

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#4 Posted at 2010-08-27 16:03        
Thanks for sending us the file :-)
News on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:

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#5 Posted at 2014-07-08 19:01        
Hi there.
I have a question reffering the gas warhead.

The scudplayerscript works. HE and nuke warheads work fine.
When using the gas warhead, there is nothing to see. Units die within the gas radius, so the script is working.
Is it right that I do not see any particles? There is no dust oder something.

Id like to create a dust in chlorine colour. Is there an easy way to add code for that?
My first thought was unsing the WP explosions and colour them yellow.
If particles should be seen: Due to repairs I tested it on my older notebook, so I had to reduce the grafics to minimum. This could be a possible error source.

Apart from that I happy to found this script. In general it is exactly what I need. :)

I want to use the Jemand scud in OA single player mission.
The demo mission does not work here. Im analysing the problem.
The readme says, ACE and GIGscud are needed. The download page says that just GIGscud is needed.
I analysed the script a bit and added a hint line "On map singleclick" in the scudplayer.sqs cause the mapclick for positioning the playertarget is needed for the script.


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