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PMC Persistent 1 v0.3.2 Multiplayer mission for ArmA 2 Combined Operations.

COOP mission for 32 players, base respawn.

You play as US Army soldiers fighting against Takistani Army and militia forces in Takistani terrain.

This is extremely long mission and therefore is not for everyone, it will take several hours to complete this mission. There is two random objectives created on mission start, these must be completed and enough enemy KIA's achieved to complete this mission. There is friendly AI forces and helicopters on the scenario so you are not alone and you must watch your fire to avoid friendly casualties.

See PMC Tactical Official Release Topic for details.

Download from PMC Tactical ArmA 2 Missions page and please read PMC Addons/Mods Online Manuals: PMC Persistent 1 for details.

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Thanks, page added.


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New version frontpaged and you can find the updated downloadpage here: