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#1 Posted at 2010-08-21 23:01        
Hi all!,

I've been waiting to get some time to properly complete some missions. I will create topics as soon as I have an available version (but not final) of other missions.

I am releasing version 1.04 which contains these fixes:

1 - Fixed Ending Trigger (Player passed through the trigger but nothing happened and the chopper continuously kept flying)

2 - Fixed chopper landing and waiting for troops to board.

Eagle Offense is a medium risk fight to gain control over a road that has been blocked by Takistani Militia.

It's simple:

Ride an SUV near the fighting scene.

Eliminate all hostiles blocking the road.

Extract by helicopter to main base.

Here's a picture that I can't get it to work on the submission form:

Eagle Offense

Please give feedback and I Hope you DO Enjoy. It's quite basic but fun.


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