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A little background on [10-78] Coop Missions if you choose to download:

1. Missions are made for Combined Operations but will most likely work with OA stand alone.

2. All of these Coop MP missions have been previously tweaked, tested, passed and then finalized so all spawns, triggers and extractions should* work based on your task accomplishments and abilities.

3. We appreciate Kronsky's UPS and Tophe's House Patrol Script mixed with selectively placed and randomly spawned objectives/defenses for a nice mix of dynamic reality. Thanks a bunch to these gentlemen.

4. We like to choose our own weapons so selected OA weapons boxes are at the start of each mission.

5. Anyway, we thought we'd share some missions we think are fun. There will be no change log as we consider these completed and passed.

6. Missions are 1 life no re-spawn, no AI team member missions. Most if not all are designed to be played with a maximum of 8 players, however many can be passed with 3 solid players.

7.Recommended for VETERAN setting.

[10-78]Coop Missions by [10-78]Decap and [10-78]Katdog5...

Katdog5's Favs: Virus, Sharktooth, GoldFalcon

Decap's Favs: WiperBlade, WhiteTail and Rosegarden

Mission Descriptions:

VIRUS: Prepare for a pre-dawn raid on Feruz Abad to find and kill Col. Aziz. Let's hope that *EXPLETIVE* hasnt been tipped off. We'll attempt a LOW and QUICK landing at the old mine.

ESCAPE NUR: We're surrounded by ALL available OPFOR forces including heavy armor. Your only chance is too call in close artillery support. Escape by getting to any green zone on the map

QUICK SILVER: We arrived yesterday with no resistance...this morning, an armed patrol is nearing our base to the southwest...these guys are not too bright.

SHABAZ ROADBLOCK: A bomb has just gone off in the marketplace. The suspects are headed your way in a decorated lada.

FALCON DOWN: We will be inserting via C130 by parachute over the airfield: Rescue our downed pilot hiding in the Mosque and get him to extraction

GOLD FALCON: An enemy warlord is causing havok with a ZU23 located at grid 033012. There should be lots of weapons and enemy in the nearby marijuana fields in SHABAZ.

OPERATION FOR 555:Our convoy is under RPG ATTACK near Darbang Pass! Get there immediately to support

BONECRUSHER: The coup is underway! Our airfield has been overrun by at least 3 armored vehicles and many enemy men...Retake the airfield!

SHARKTOOTH: Tonight we are tasked with destroying an enemy arms shipment and eliminating an insurgent camp. Bring lasers.

SAVE AT HAZAR BAGH: Our personnel have just been slaughtered in Hazar Bagh...Rescue Dr. Ann Shriver.

YARUM ASSAULT: You found a Col Aziz imposter in Feruz Abad. Now its time for the Herculean task of elimating him and his men for real.

HOGHUNTER: A10 Pilot suggested for support: All is lost....We must abondon our outpost! Our operative has survived an attack on the medical camp, but sensitive documents are about to fall into enemy hands. Rescue and Recovery.

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Thanks, page added.