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#1 Posted at 2010-08-29 08:42        
Help! Community Base Addons has become a problem.

I tried to start up ArmA one day, after adding the Australians at war Infantry and Weapons pack (ACE). as it began to start up, a notice appeared saying that it could not find some foreign addon folder that did not exist. i proceeded to create the folder to bandage the problem, however, as expected, another issue, almost exactly the same, appeared.

this was the issue: Include file x/cba/addons/ui/flexiMenu/data/common.hpp could not be found.

I feel this is a major issue, this has not occurred before now, and may be associated with either the AAW mods, a failure in the community bse addons (most likely) or simply ArmA OA's painfulness in operation. the issue needs to be sorted out desperately, as CBA should not require any more than me clicking and dragging the folder into the OA folder. this is more than a glitch, its a major error, as i can no longer access the game (the launcher closes as soon as I click the 'x' on the notice seen above). I am currently downloading a Beta Update, as I am aware that Updates de-activate any and all mods currently running in the game. the issue needs to be sorted, if anybody has experienced the same issue, or can provide some help on this, please comment openly, so that everyone can read it.


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#2 Posted at 2010-08-29 09:55        
Please try to post your questions in the correct section, it should only take a minute.

Also, a search before posting helps, cause it could have shown you this:

Also making a proper title reflecting the problem you are having is also appreciated. "Help I am locked out of my game is whats happening, but does not tell the reader anything. Here on Armaholic we require people to make proper titles instead of making bad ones and asking people to read on.

Also I have removed the tags you added, those were not specific enough to be usefull tags.

The problem is not with CBA but with those AAW units or weapons which you also could have simply guessed as the troubles did start after you added that. Simple solution is just to remove it.